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Lenses is a project of Jowan Safadi that involves musicians from Beer Sheva.


released January 1, 2001

Shortcuts was made by Jowan (vocals, guitars, and E. drums programming), Yohanan Kressel (guitars, backing vocals and recorder), Etan Fisher (bass, backing vocals and tambourine), with the help of David Perez (bass [1,8], E. guitar [3], slide guitar [5], feedback guitars [8], drums sampling [3,5] and synths) and Guy (trumpet [3]).
All words by Jowan. All music by Jowan except for Kama Sutra by Yohanan and Jowan.
Mixed and arranged by David and Jowan. Produced by David and Lenses. Mastering and digital arrangement by David. All tracks were recorded at The End of the Universe Studios by David except for God knows and Hanging at home by Jowan. Graphic design by Elad. Photograph by Hagit. Drawings by Jowan.
Thanks to mom and dad for trying… to Yasmeen and Dono for being there, to all the above and to those who supported, taught, advised, inspired and made it happen especially Yaron, Galit Z, Adi, Eyal, Michel, Blueband, Moti, Maya, Amar (my lawyer), Ahmad (who gave me his guitar), Ilana (my sponsor) and Zeedo the magnificent.
May god forgive me if I forgot anyone…



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Track Name: Dancing with the walls
All my friends are sleeping
I’m enjoying myself
What a lovely feeling
No one reads my mind
All my friends went dancing
I wish them a good time

I’m staring at the ceiling
Dancing with the walls
What a lovely feeling
No one reads my mind

Everyone wants to know
How the hell I feel
And I always wonder
If they do for real
Everyone falls in love
I don’t know what it means

Finally alone…
Track Name: Blowing baloons
I like to see you fly
But I’d rather watch you fall
I’ve always been good
At blowing balloons

But I never managed
To keep any of them
In my cold hands

It’s good to know you walk
Although my legs are broken
You’ve always been good
At borrowing my shoes

But you never managed
To walk bare feet
On the hot sand
Track Name: The bad son
My dear sweet family
I couldn’t be a good son
I’m on a date
With my freedom
I don’t wanna be late
Oh I just can’t wait

I ain’t gonna say goodbye
Cause I hate to see you cry
But before you even know
I will pack my things and go

I wrote those lines
Just to explain why I can’t
Come home again
My feet were tied
Till my silence cried
All the people I see
They won’t let me be

Say mother say
That I’m a bad son
Whatever you say
I’m leaving you today
Say mother say
That I’m a bad son
Whatever you say
I’m going away
Track Name: When I collapse
Don’t be fooled by what you see
I’m not as strong as I seem to be
Every night I collapse
And no one’s there to glue me up again

It’s so easy to believe in the god
The one that lives in a glass ball
But in the night when I collapse
He won’t be there to glue me up again
And I feel low

Dead skin is peeling off
Concealing scars of slavery
Money is the marrow master
That never comes to check on me
And never comes to free me

Obedience can kill a bull
If a bull ever tries to think
What can one offer for hire
When all one got is a pair of ears

Every night when I collapse
No one there to glue me up again
And lift me away
Lift me away
Track Name: Who said it would be easy
For many years I’ve been trying hard to learn how to sing
Long time went by and I’ve gotten old and I haven’t learned a thing
Who said it would be easy at all
Who said it would come fast

There is nothing left to sing about and there’s nothing in my mind
My inspiration is drying out and the tunes are hard to find
Who said it would be easy at all
Who said it would come fast

I threw it all in a bottle when I threw the bottle in me
And then I threw the bottle to you and you threw it to the sea
Who said it would be easy at all
Who said it comes for free

For a man can try and a man can fall and die for his goal
And a man can shed even bloody tears and no one hears his call
Who said it would be easy at all
Track Name: God knows
God knows how much I hate all these wires
And how much I like to spend the night with them
God knows how much I hate this damn machine
But god also knows …
It’s the only thing that keeps me alive

Machines keep you breathing
Machines keep you alive
Track Name: Hanging
This one must be my self
I must be hanging up there
I really must be dreaming again
Or have I already gone insane

Wild kids running around the desert fields
Searching for Jesus Christ
Searching for any kind of messiah
Part of me wants to join them
And part of me wants to run away
This not an easy life

Will the sun ever shine
On this little spot of mine

Take you with me
Oh my child
Just come to see
Track Name: Kama sutra is dead
Now it’s time to
Become an angel
Just like you want me to
I’ll kill the devil
I close my eyes
Pretend I’m blind
Don’t wanna see
I paint it all in black

And now the devil is dead
He’s buried in my head
Hush hush hush now let him sleep
Any word can wake him up

Where are you now
My Zarathustra
How could you leave me alone
With all this torture
Say goodbye
To Kama Sutra
She’s also gone away now
I’ll never see her again

Kama Sutra is dead
She’s buried in my head
Hush hush hush now let her sleep
Any word can wake her
And wake my blue head
Track Name: Dog
Been guarding your house
For so long
Been barking at everyone
Who comes close to you

But now I’m in heat
And I miss the street
Sometimes I even sin
While we are all asleep

Hey beautiful I’m just a dog

You’re on my back
Inside my sack
I carry you wherever I go
Whenever I run away

I took a wrong
Shortcut home
Sometimes I turn around
You see I lost my way back

Hey beautiful I’m just a dog
Track Name: Sleep tight
Sleep tight and warm
As I sing and play guitar
Love shows as a song
It comes along
Don’t last long
Sleep tight and warm
My love

If it feels like the end of the world
Close your eyes and follow the light
If tonight is our last night
Let this time be your last down

Sleep tight and warm
As I sing and play guitar
Madness shows as a tune
Comes with the moon
Disappears so soon
Sleep tight and warm
My love